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Horses and other Miscellaneous Items 4 Sale

Offered 4 sale: Scout
This gentle and lovable stallion is very laid back. At only 18 months old, Scout has received training in halter, lead, and hoof care. He bathes, clips, and grooms with ease. Scout has no bad habits and has been started in halter training for show. He is AMHA registered and is expected to mature to about 32 inches. Scout has all the perfect beginnings of being a prize-winning horse.
Scout's price is a bargain at only $350 or OBO.

Another Great Opportunity For Sale: Shadow
This little guy will surprise you with his strength compared to his size (only 32 inches tall). Shadow is trained to drive and can pull one to two people in a pony cart. We have had many pleasureable afternoon rides with Shadow.  He is a five-and-a-half year old stallion. Shadow is so gentle that children can handle him. His original owners used to give him baths in the bath tub with their children. He is very well trained and well mannered. He can be driven on the highway or anywhere. He bathes, trims, clips, and just about anything with ease. He is also AMHA registered. Shadow is being sold at a drastically low price considering what he is worth.
Offering at an absolute bargain of $500.

Offered 4 Sale: Mr. Pringles
Mr. Pringles acquired his name because of the unique marking on his butt. He has a white marking in the shape of a mustache that originates from his tail and extends perfectly down each side of his butt. I just happened to be eating some Pringles potato chips at the time, so hence the idea for the name. Mr. Pringles
has received training in halter, lead, and hoof care. He bathes, clips, grooms, and trailers with ease, and also has no bad habits. Mr. Pringles is AMHA registered and expected to mature to about 34 inches. He is another stallion that has the beginnings of a perfect little horse.
Only $300 or OBO.

Offered for Sale: Trixie 
Trixie is an AMHA registered Brood Mare that has a proven record of delivering beautiful babies. She is a wonderful mother with a beautiful disposition that she passes on to her babies. Trixie is easy to handle. She leads, bathes, grooms, and trailers with ease, as well as standing perfectly for the farrier. She would be a wonderful prospect to train as a driving horse. Trixie's last baby colt (6-month-old Magic) is available for viewing.
Price $600 or OBO.

Offered for Sale: Sir Lancelot
Sir Lancelot is a three year old gelded registered Llama that could be shown. We have used Sir Lancelot as a Public Relations (PR) animal at many events we have worked. He loves children and loves giving Eskimo kisses. Sir Lancelot will even come with his own MySpace page which can be viewed at .
Price $500 or OBO.

Offered for Sale: Razor
Razor is a two year old stud Llama that is very friendly and easy to handle and work with. He has been trained in halter and to groom. He is a very easy keeper. Razor has mainly been used as a companion to Sir Lancelot, and has a personality very similiar to him.  Razor can be used for breeding, a pet, or a guard animal for livestock. Just a note....Llamas make very good guards against coyotes, wolves, etc. Also, Llamas only eat about one/tenth of what a horse eats, so they are very economical animals to have. We would also consider trades for certain horse equipment, farm equipment, and/or hay.
Price $200 or OBO.

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